Quantity Surveying

At SPA, we make complex construction costs and contracts simple, looking after all the necessary documentation on your behalf and offering advice on cost and payments. All of our clients can be sure they’ll receive value for money as we plan and manage costs and contracts efficiently.

From forecasting costs of a project and carrying out feasibility studies, to looking after tender documentation and handling payments, our professional Quantity Surveying services help us deliver the best possible results for you.

Quantity Surveying Services

SPA can offer an appraisal as to how market variability and construction risk can influence construction decisions. Preparation of detailed elemental cost breakdowns are necessary to assist the decision making process by providing clear, concise and efficient documents.

Our Forecasting Cost and Value Management services include the preparation of:

  • Elemental Cost Plans
  • Value Management
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Life Cycle Costing

Our measurement and quantification services include the Production of Bills of Quantities and Tender Production and Documentation.

We are especially proficient in the production of accurate bills of quantities for clients and contractors. The documents are compiled to suit the information available and can provide detailed bills on the most basic information.

In addition, SPA can undertake the preparation and organisation of all necessary tender documentation to meet client's needs. Upon receipt of completed tenders we can examine their content for arithmetic correctness, viability, access and scaffolding, as well as health and safety issues allowing comparative analysis between the tenders. The final stage is to produce a financial appraisal between tenders with recommendations as to which tenders represent value for money.

Our Measurement and Quantification Services include the preparation of:

  • Tender Documents and Evaluation
  • Bills of Quantities

SPA provides advice and guidance on the correct method of project procurement to suit the client and project’s particular needs.

Our Procurement services include:

  • Project Procurement Advice
  • Risk management

Our construction services include Construction Contract Administration, the Production of Contract Documents, and Elemental Analysis of Tender / Contract Sum if required.

Preparation of contract correspondence, in accordance with contract conditions, is key to ensure maximum protection of a contract. SPA are acutely aware of key contractual milestones and are able to organise all necessary paperwork in a timely manner, ensuring the whole process runs smoothly.

We have vast experience in the production of a variety of contract documents, and can provide standard terms and conditions or bespoke contractual provisions to suit a project's needs.

Our expertise also extends to looking after preparation, submission and agreement of interim payments, as we value, organise and handle payments throughout the contract period. The very nature of construction projects often results in changes to the scope of the project; so we have the expertise to accurately quantify variations to the contract and prepare all relevant paperwork.

Our Construction services include:

  • Construction Contract Administration
  • Project Cost Control
  • Claims and Dispute Resolution Advice