Building Surveying

At SPA we can take care of all your building surveying needs, ensuring a process that’s as stress-free and simple as possible. We help turn all your plans into a reality offering services ranging from evaluation and assessment of the condition of buildings to looking after all your facilities management needs.

Best of all, our building surveying solutions are 100% bespoke. You can pick and mix the services that matter most to you and create your own fully comprehensive package.

Building Surveying Services

We can offer specialist design input in order to create inclusive designs and environments for clients. As part of this service we offer practical advice on providing accessible solutions and full compliance with Equality Act 2010 and Approved Document M.

Our experience in Access Consultancy spans across the private and public sectors and has served commercial services, public service providers, heritage lottery funded projects and education establishments.

Our Access Consultancy services include:

  • Access Audits
  • Inclusive Design Appraisals
  • Access Statements, Policies and Strategies

We provide a holistic service for the evaluation and assessment of the condition of buildings and structural elements. This includes the initial investigation through the implementation of remedial works, as well as monitoring and maintenance.

Our Building Pathology services include:

  • Defect Analysis
  • Building Failure and Performance - in order to develop appropriate remedial and management solutions

At SPA, we undertake both Residential and Commercial Building Surveys, and offer a completely independent and professional surveying service across Lancashire, Greater Manchester and the North West. Our portfolio includes a wide range of properties including residential houses and commercial property.

Philip Cottier, Director, our RICS registered Chartered Surveyor, guarantees an efficient, expert and high quality service at all times. We offer the full range of surveys to suit all budgets – including basic RICS Valuation Reports and structural surveys of the main principal building elements, through to comprehensive RICS Homebuyer Reports and full RICS Structural Building Surveys.

For those that aren’t sure which of these surveys are most relevant our dedicated surveying team is happy to help.

Our Building Survey services include:

  • RICS Condition Reports
  • RICS Homebuyer Reports
  • RICS Building (Structural) Surveys
  • Damp and Timber Reports

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Valuations underpin nearly every financial decision we make – from home mortgages to cash investments. Any person or organisation that occupies, owns, develops or trades assets in today’s markets relies on a valuer’s expertise, quality standards and ethics.

Philip Cottier, Director, our RICS registered Valuer is our quality assurance mechanism that monitors all registered RICS members who carry out 'Red Book' valuations. By appointing a RICS Registered Valuer, you can be confident that you are working with regulated and qualified professionals who adhere to the 'Red Book' valuation standards. With this you can expect a professional committed to openness and transparency, with expertise in his/her field, ensuring credible and high-quality reports.

Our Valuation Services include:

  • RICS Redbook Valuation Reports
  • Probate Valuations
  • Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs)

We offer building surveys for commercial premises for both landlords and tenants. Whether you’re a UK-based commercial landlord or a commercial tenant, you can count on our expertise regarding matters of dilapidation accrued at the termination of a lease.

In addition, our condition surveys for commercial buildings provide clients with essential, professional and impartial advice on the condition and suitability of proposed premises.

Prior to purchase, RICS Structural Surveys are necessary if you are considering a property purchase or entering into a long lease with repairing and insuring liabilities. A structural survey can help identify potential problem areas and will no doubt help you to negotiate a more favourable deal prior to signing any contract.

There are several types of structural survey available to you, ranging from a fairly simple property appraisal to an extremely in-depth structural report. Our surveyor will discuss your requirements with you and advise according to your needs.

A reinstatement valuation is an assessment of the cost of rebuilding your property in the event of total destruction - and is a requirement of your buildings insurance. An accurate valuation can save you money on your insurance premiums by pre-determining the value before you obtain a quotation.

Undervaluing your property may mean you do not receive the full amount of your claim, and you will be liable for any shortfall. It’s good practise to have regular reinstatement valuation too, to ensure appropriate cover is maintained for your home or business premises.

With SPA taking care of your Facilities Management needs, your company can focus on its core business.

Our dedicated estates team offers a complete Facilities Management service, from property consultancy to day-to-day operations. Every project we work on benefits from our expertise, distinctive management approach and our consideration of the broader property implications for our clients.

We have experience of advising and working within both the private sector, for blue chip companies, as well as public services such as the NHS. All of our clients have specific needs, dependent upon their business cycle, and we take account of all of these when designing and delivering an integrated solution.

Our Facilities Management services include:

  • Unlocking opportunities, acquiring, disposing or delivering land for development and regeneration
  • Building Real Estate and Asset Management
  • Energy Reports and Analysis

If you’re planning to build onto, or close to, a shared wall then by law you need to notify neighbours in the adjoining or adjacent properties. SPA will provide you with all the advice and guidance you need to comply with this legislation.

As part of our Party Wall service we will issue notices to your neighbours to both inform and reassure them about the works. Under the Party Wall Act (1996) construction projects require notices to be served if:

Your wall forms part of only one building but which is on the boundary line between two or more properties;

Your wall is common to two or more properties, for example where there is an existing wall and you or a neighbour subsequently builds adjoining to it;

It is a garden wall and it’s astride or adjoining to the boundary line, and is used to separate the properties but is not part of any building;

Carrying out works on the floors/ceilings of apartments; or

You wish to excavate close to a neighbouring property.

If you need assistance with resolving a party wall dispute then our experienced surveyors can provide a professional and impartial report. We can also offer you advice on design, planning and building regulations.

Our Party Wall services include:

  • Compliance advice, serving notice and dispute resolution

At SPA we can carry out detailed measurement, preparation and drawing up of accurate land registry compliant title plans for transfers of property and land.

Our Title Deed services include:

  • Obtaining detailed Ordnance Survey Plans
  • Measurement and preparation of Land Registry Complaint title plans

By law, a church building and its curtilage must have a unique type of building condition survey undertaken every five years known as quinquennial inspection. The inspection is aimed at assisting building managers in the care of places of worship through the identification of defects and mechanisms for decay, prioritising future repairs and advising on improvements. Sunderland Peacock currently undertake quinquennial inspections throughout the north of England for places of worship within the Church of England, Methodist Church and the United Reformed Church, as well as meeting houses for the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). Our highly experienced architects and surveyors have the necessary experience and accreditations making them capable of undertaking quinquennial inspections on a wide variety and ages of church buildings, including those that are listed buildings, and understanding their complexities.